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About Dictate IT

Dictate IT offers a one-stop solution for your medical transcription and digital dictation needs.

Founded in 2004, the company was devised by practising doctors to facilitate the large volume of administration and information handling associated with healthcare management. Dictate IT aims to make the job of dealing with patient data easier.

Our solutions help trusts avoid time-consuming and expensive issues related to document production. Broken cassettes, poor quality recordings and insufficient resources all add to the bottlenecks that delay the timely release of documents.

In contrast to older systems, outsourcing dictation uses digital technology and the latest devices, securing recordings in a crystal clear format. Recordings can be uploaded from anywhere within the organisation and are immediately sent for transcription in encrypted, digital form. Within 24 hours, documents are ready to be approved by clinicians and processed by the administration teams.

Benefits of Dictate IT digital dictation solutions

For Management

  • Transparent costs and concise billing facilitate budgetary control. The extensive reporting facility improves forecast accuracy. Up to 40 per cent savings on resources are possible. The system is less expensive to run compared to analogue tape dictation methods.
  • Assists in controlling overheads and helps solve problems revolving around recruitment, sickness and other absence. Resource management improvements are reflected in the working environment, and detailed reports provide a clear picture of activity.
  • Enables the user to pinpoint areas in need of improvement and frees up resources.

For Clinicians

  • Ease of use enables faster turnaround of work.
  • As a web-based solution, it supports online reviewing and authorisation from anywhere within the trust.
  • Flexible working practices are supported.
  • Easy to view icons show dictation status, and provides access to audio.

For Secretaries

  • The reporting facility provides a clear picture of transcription workloads and relevant status, facilitating workload management and speedy turnaround of documents.
  • Clear audio and integration with the Patient Administration System (PAS) ensures easy and efficient production of reports.

For IM&T

  • Easy set up requires minimal resources.
  • IT can plan effectively for disaster recovery and automated housekeeping.
  • Minimal Trust IT resources required as Dictate IT offers telephone, on-site and remote helpdesk support.
  • Experienced programmers / IT team undertake integration with hospital PAS.

Data Security

  • All our dictation services have in-built security features, including highly encrypted voice files (256 Bit SSL encryption) transmitted to and from our server for in-house or outsourced processing.
  • Direct transmission ensures maximum security.
  • Dictate IT is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act.


  • Our system has a reporting facility. The document life cycle is recorded and management reports give detailed information underpinning operational efficiency. This facility can identify backlogs/ trends quickly from detailed management reports otherwise unavailable. This facilitates optimum workflow and management of document production.


  • Dictate IT allows the trust to initiate changes and improvements with immediate and scalable effect.
  • The service can also be used as a first step to reviewing benefits of other technologies including

Connecting for Health

  • Dictate IT's solutions are more than capable of meeting both current and future challenges posed by the NHS 'Connecting for Health' programme, and modernisation and technological upgrades generally.

Bespoke digital dictation solutions

  • Key to Dictate IT's success is our ability to tailor-make solutions to suit individual departments within any one trust and to integrate our services into existing IT architecture, including Electronic Patient Records and PAS workflow management and speech recognition.