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Our Partnerships

Central to Dictate IT's strategy from the outset has been the capability to integrate seamlessly with other bespoke systems.

We continue to forge partnerships with leading providers in the global healthcare sector, to ensure existing services are enhanced and any new solutions are the best found anywhere.

Forging partnerships with leading providers in the healthcare sector

Our partners include:

  • Cerner, iSOFT, and EMIS
  • Microsoft also figures large in our development programmes, ensuring we are first in line to reap advantages from technological innovations. One of the ways we achieve this is by taking an active role in development and testing of new Microsoft products. Dictate IT is a recognised member of the Microsoft Partner Network¬†

When it comes to aligning with Patient Administration Systems (PAS) and Electronic Patient Records (EPR), Dictate IT collaborates with certified engineers from McKesson and Cerner. Our joint work has given us invaluable experience interfacing with all the leading and many other bespoke systems, including: 3M Health Data Repository, Allscripts, CPSI, Cerner Millennium, ChartMax, Epic, Fuji PACS, GE ImageCast, ICIS, Invision, iSoft, Kurzweil, McKesson, Meditech, Nighthawk, PACS Philips, Pyxis Pharmacy, Siemens, Solvera, Stentor PACS, TalkTechnology/Agfa.