Dictation and Speech Recognition, powerfully combined

A lightweight digital dictation platform with built in medical speech recognition, SWIFT gives GPs flexibility to create letters how they choose. Letters are dictated and created in a matter of minutes, from anywhere, ready for final approval by the secretarial team. Streamline the transcription workflow, create efficiencies and work remotely from anywhere.

Accurate and easy to use

Developed using the most advanced voice technology and neural learning functionality, Swift has unrivalled accuracy rates of 98%+ and handles complicated medical and clinical terminology with ease. This helps ensure your letters are right first time.

Improved efficiency and operations

Using SWIFT, letter production and overall turnaround times can be much faster.  This helps GP Practices save an estimated 2.5 hours a day per secretary, giving the secretarial teams time to focus on the running of a busy practice.

Flexible, remote working for GPs

GPs and secretarial teams can use the lightweight application from anywhere using the mobile app, ensuring our products fit into your preferred working process and not the other way around.

Integrated with EMIS and TPP

Swift uses the EMIS and TPP partner APIs to match patient identifiers against each job, improving safety and ease of use.

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