Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (NNUH) has gone live with new speech recognition software set to streamline and create efficiencies in letter production across the Trust.

The rapid deployment of Swift from Dictate IT, which saw 90% of departments live in just one month, gives clinicians the choice to dictate from their mobiles or their desktops, creating a transcript which can be reviewed within one minute of the dictation being completed.

Daniel Holyoake, Clinical Oncology Consultant, said: “I’m happy to say it works well for our team. The key advantage for the clinician is being able to dictate from anywhere and not needing to go back to your desk to upload.”

Previously, over half a million letters a year were transcribed onto voice recorders, which were then picked up and manually transcribed by the secretarial team.  Using the new process, the transcripts will be available instantly for the secretarial team to check, edit and get clinical sign off, saving valuable administration time and improving letter turnaround time for patients.

Elaine Wheeler from the Digital Dictation Implementation and Planning Group at NNUH, said: “We have long recognised that using technology to help streamline our services and drive down inefficiencies is imperative to being able to meet the demands of the hospital and the growing population we serve as well as provide imperative support to our admin staff.”

Ed Prosser-Snelling, NNUH Chief Clinical Information Officer, said: “The ability for doctors to use their own personal devices for clinical care is a step-change in the way we deliver care.  Alongside our electronic observations and electronic patient records projects, patients can expect to see staff using their mobile devices in ward areas more and more.”

Rob Hadley, Commercial Director from Dictate IT, said: “We are delighted to be working with the Trust on this hugely important project and are pleased we have been able to deliver such a fast implementation.  We pride ourselves on our positive working relationships with our customers and the proof is in efficient and effective roll outs such as this.”

The project is set to complete in August.