Fast, flexible and effective Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition

Enterprise digital dictation and speech recognition for UK hospitals.  Support any workflow via our web and mobile-app based platform and see dramatic improvements in turnaround time, productivity and user satisfaction.

In one platform you can:

  • Dictate anywhere
  • E-sign completed documents
  • Manage the full document workflow with our mobile, tablet and desktop applications
  • Speech enable your EPR

Fully integrated with your PAS/EPR system, DIT3 helps drive a flexible document production process that is reliable, secure and helps plan and prepare for workload fluctuations, ensuring turnaround times are always met.

There are no expensive pricing barriers or license fees either – you pay for what you use and when, and nothing more. This flexibility helps your clinicians tap into the technology they want when they want it.

Highly integrated

Standard integrations include:


  • HL7 with your hospital EPR or PAS, enabling appointment and patient details in dictation lists and letter templates
  • Electronic distribution using Docman or MESH, and Print & Post using services such as CFH Docmail & Synertec
  • FHIR, XML and custom integration with clinical systems

Complete flexibility

Your team can dictate on any device, anywhere, at any time. The workflow is fully configurable to suit the department, user or specific job.

The platform supports all transcription methods including front-end recognition, in-house typing, back-end recognition and outsourced transcription via our own service, which is ranked number one by the leading SBS Framework.

Track and report

The end-to-end workflow is covered by a comprehensive reporting suite and audit trail to track accurate TAT for all jobs, from appointment to distribution, and drill into performance and activity levels.  This enables you to identify process bottlenecks in real-time and continuously improve your service.

Benefits of DIT3

Improved turnaround times

Customers using DIT3 often reduce turnaround times by over a quarter, ensuring targets are met and patient experience is upheld.

Improved efficiency

With time saved through the more efficient digital workflow, staff are better utilised across departments, focusing on supporting excellent patient care and experience.

Cost savings

Costs savings can be realised almost instantly through reduction in hardware, postage and expensive bank staff to deal with fluctuating demand and backlog. We bill per letter so you only pay for what you use.

Identify areas for improvement

Take operational control, identifying areas, departments or teams that need extra resource or improvement before disaster strikes.

Utilise speech recognition add on functionality

Benefit from highly accurate, cloud-based clinical speech recognition software that allows clinicians to create clinical documents from anywhere.

Security you can count on

ISO27001 certified and UK hosted. All data is AES 256 bit encrypted in transit and at rest.  Mobile apps have two factor authentication on first use of a new device, and no patient data is retained on the hardware between uses, making them significantly more secure than DVRs.

Next generation speech recognition

Combined with our dictation is a completely unique speech recognition offering for NHS Trusts ready to explore the next stage in clinical correspondence. Our highly accurate, cloud-based clinical speech recognition software allows clinicians select a speech-first workflow if they want to and create clinical documents from anywhere.

Developed using the most advanced DNN-based voice technology and learning functionality, our accuracy rates of +98% are higher than other providers and our products can handle complicated medical and clinical terminology with ease.

Why utilise speech at your Trust?

Machine learning, highly accurate

With constant language learning, our speech software adapts to any accent, voice and style of speaking.

Improved efficiency

With direct speech-to-text, letters can be produced in minutes and sent according to turnaround deadlines, even in fast paced, highly pressurised periods.

Cost savings

Cost savings are felt immediately from the wind down of expensive transcription functions and the lack of hardware investment required also reduces expected expenditure.

Immediate results

With a fast roll-out, no voice profile training required, no hardware investments needed and a very light set up, DIT3 is a process change that can begin almost immediately.

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